lunedì 13 maggio 2019

The courses are done!

On the first half of April, the Beginners and intermediate courses were over. Here we have some videos about the last lessons:
Intermediate -
Beginners - (activity of asking and answering).

The participants attended the English courses with enthusiasm and showed a keen interest in the topic. Many of them will continue the training experience with the language enhancement study trip in Dublin and Malta, during the Summer.

lunedì 1 aprile 2019

Scottish school trip: Another chance to improve English

Here are some pictures from the green and gothic Scotland. It's a great adventure!

We study very hard, don't we?

From Hogwarth, but without Harry Potter, here we are!

Educhange: a great experience with other cultures!

During February, Adam (from China) and Luiza (from Brazil) were in Italy because of a project called Educhange. This was a great opportunity for us to know their culture and to understand how important is welcoming people from all around the world.

Luiza was helping students in their work

A type of a morning lesson in China

Here we are with Luiza

Luiza instead is proposing a role play activity in which students were supposed to solve the dramatic situation of Venezuela crisis:

lunedì 4 marzo 2019

Seminar Lessons: meeting with prof. Giulia Bortolon Guidolin (from Ca' Foscari University - Venice)

The last lesson of our training courses is held by prof. Bortolon Guidolin who illustrates how using a higher level of language with pupils.

Here we have two examples of activities: 1. working in pairs, we have to cooperate with our partner in order to reach a common goal; 2. working by ourself, we must choose a picture and write something about it expressing our feelings. 

You can see the slide from the seminar, clicking here 

martedì 29 gennaio 2019

Seminar lessons: Meeting with prof. Melero (from Ca' Foscari university - Venice).

Teachers from different schools are listening our host prof. Carlos Melero from Ca'Foscari university to learn some strateges to adopt with DSA pupils.

Here are the SLIDES from the meeting.

giovedì 17 gennaio 2019

Course attendants at work with joy and laughter!!! ;-)

English courses in Gatteo

Two English language preparation courses have been activated: one at level A1 and the other at level B1.

So far, enthusiasm and active participation enliven the lessons. Language preparation courses in view of Erasmus mobility are also an opportunity to involve school staff and administrative staff in language training.
The teaching is implemented by the use of the interactive and multimedia whiteboard, which provides connections to Ted Talks, to the British Council online videos and to subtitled songs on You tube. The variety of sources promotes motivation and the chance of listening to different accents, in view of the main objective of these courses: the improvement of oral and listening skills, as well as the basis of the linguistic structure.

The courses are done!

On the first half of April, the Beginners and intermediate courses were over. Here we have some videos about the last lessons: Intermediate...